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We've partnered with contemporary Indian gin Stranger & Sons to create 3 bespoke courses on our new digital classroom.

The courses have been designed to help you get good sleep, embrace exercise into your day, and help you find that elusive work/life balance.

We have 3,000 complimentary passes to give away for the courses on a first come, first serve basis, so don't miss out.

To access the courses for free, click the button below and use this voucher code at checkout: Stranger2022
Become better

3 Courses

3 Bespoke Courses 


Complimentary vouchers provided by Stranger & Sons

Available 24/7

Access the courses on your phone or laptop , wherever you are in the world


1 Certificate upon completion of each course

What Does This Course Cover?

A complete negotiation education program starts with private lessons.

Master Your Sleep

Sleep is the foundation of good health and something that can be hard to come across when you work in hospitality.
In this course you'll learn why sleep is so important and how to get good sleep every night, what's your chronotype and why it's important. 

Move Your Body

Join our personal trainer Kelly and be inspired to get active and prevent injury.

In this lesson Kelly covers what happens to your body and mind when you exercise, how to build regular exercise into your daily routine, steps to avoid pain, and how to look after your back. 

Re-Balance Your Time

Life is for living, and in this lesson we'll help you master the art of work/life balance and enjoying life to the fullest.

We'll talk about work/life balance, taking control of your phone so it doesn't control you, and some great ideas for things to do on your days off.