Building a Healthier, Happier Hospitality

Working in hospitality is awesome, but it can be tough, we know because we've been there, and now we're here for you.

Healthy Hospo is a non-profit organisation with the dream of a healthier, happier hospitality industry.

We work across the globe, so wherever you are, and whatever your role in this amazing industry we call hospo, you can count on us to help.
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We Are Here To Help You

Whether you're a business owner, GM, chef de partie, brand manager, or a bartender working in the trenches, we are here to help you with a suite of different options from the biggest hospitality group to the individual professional.

Training & Workshops

Training is our jam. There's nothing we love more than running sessions filled with practical, actionable advice, and inspirational tips to help hospitality professionals and business around the world thrive.

Digital Classroom

We know it's not always easy to get to one of our trainings or workshops, that's why we've taken everything we know and built a comprehensive digital classroom, available 27/4 on phone or laptop

Brand Activities

We love to work with brands looking to support the on-trade through developing advocacy programs, create strategy, designing exciting activities and positioning brands with a strong focus on health and well-being.

Unleash Your Potential
Build A Successful Career
Enjoy Live To The Fullest

Putting Yourself First

Just like on a plane you have to put your oxygen mask on before helping others, the same goes for your health and well-being

Unleash Your Potential

Investing in your health will help you perform at your best day after day without the fear of burnout while enjoying life

Build A Successful Career

A long and successful career in hospitality needs you to look after your health so you can thrive day after day
Invest In Your Team

Unlock Productivity
Increase Retention
Grow Profit

Boost Productivity And Profit

Your staff are the biggest opportunity to boost productivity and profit in your business. Get in touch to give your team access to our training

Improve Staff Retention and Sick Leave

During the current staffing crisis, staff retention should be your number 1 focus. We can help, get in touch and keep your team.

World Class Customer Service

Hospitality is the business of customer experience. Your staff are the key to delivery of world class service

Genuine Advocacy
Incredible Events
A Global Audience

Engaging Brand Advocacy

Invest in hospitality professionals health and build lifelong advocacy they'll never forget

Memorable Experiences

We build memorable brand experiences that are much more engaging than just another party

Sponsor Our Lessons

Position your brand as a leader in the on-trade by sponsoring our industry leading lessons

Who We've Worked With

everyone is AWESOME

The people behind the work

Tim Etherington-Judge

Tim started Healthy Hospo after a personal breakdown caused by burnout and from working in the industry. It left him determined to change the industry for the better, to educate on good health, and help prevent others experiencing what he did.

When not working, Tim loves to cycle, run, and campaign against climate change.

Jason-Candid Knüsel

Jason, aka JC, is our Managing Director. He has developed an arsenal of skills in high-end hospitality environments over the past two decades. JC is also our certified Nutritionist. His heart beats for food, drinks and people within hospitality.

Outside of work, find him playing football, practising martial arts or stalking nature with his camera.

Lorietta Bahr

Lori (she/her) is one part of the dynamic duo that heads up Healthy Hospo NZ. Over the last 15 years, she has worked across the hospitality and the wine industry, where she incidentally, also developed a passion for understanding what makes people thrive from a physical and mental health perspective.

When she's not running Healthy Hospo you'll find here going on adventures in NZ's incredible countryside and indulging her other passion: sustainability.

Aimee Stewart

Aimee joined the Healthy Hospo NZ team at the beginning of 2020 and brought her passion for health and well-being along with a certification as a Transformation Nutrition Coach to support the industry in New Zealand.

She thrives on helping others live better while at the same time navigating the interesting times of being mum to a spirited teenage daughter!

Anja  Rubin

Anja, aka Pocket Rocket, is our creative fairy. She is a professional photographer, a social media queen, and a multifaceted bartender, balancing work-life through the art of reiki.

Since being self-employed, Anja’s focus is set on excelling in drinks photography, long walks in the countryside, and cherishes the joy of hosting friends for dinner parties.

Matthias Lataille

Matthias is one of our Ambassadors and the Co-Founder of the Healthy Hospo Chess Club. In 2005, he turned his back on a promising law career to move to London and work in hospitality.

He now dedicates his time to promote mental health and well-being in our beloved industry through his work in the non-alc space. He lives his life through his passions and spend his down time... well, playing chess and spreading his love for the game! 

Ferdinand Guizetti

Ferdi started in hospitality with the tender age of 16, earning pocket money next to school and studies in Munich. After he achieved his degree in Psychology, he then chose bartending as his fuel of life, and went on to prove himself in the British Metropolitan.
Outside the bar, you might find him hunting for the best coffee shops, potentially writing a new article about what’s trendy in the world of hospitality (such as our HOSPO HEROES stories), or simply enjoying the sun of Barcelona.

Davide Segat

Hailing from the Northeast Italian countryside, Davide, aka Agave Dave is an inspirational figure in the bar world, known for his love for Agave Spirits, his dedication to a balanced life in hospitality and his leadership skills, that have led multiple teams and venues to global successes.

Dave is sober since 2021 and has been an active supporter of sobriety ever since. In his free time, you’ll find him running long distances at an outstanding pace, spending time with his loved ones, and follow his lifelong passion for chess – which makes him the perfect fit for the Healthy Hospo Chess Club.