Mindful Drinking

We've partnered with Club Soda for this lesson which looks at how you can switch up your drinking and embrace the mindful drinking movement.

What's included?

Practical approach

This lesson is filled with great information about why mindful drinking is good for you and your career and how to take practical steps to drink smarter without giving up the alcohol. 

Inspiring Stories

Listen to the story of Jack McGarry, one of the worlds most successful and well know figures in the bar industry and how he thrives as a sober bartender and business owner.

Delicious recipes

Get started on your journey to mindful drinking with some delicious no and low cocktail recipes from leading bartenders that you can make at home or at the bar.
Meet the instructor

Dru Jaeger

Dru is one of the co-founders of Club Soda, a social business and global community supporting people to drink more mindfully and live well. He's also the author of 'How to Be a Mindful Drinker' (DK, 2019) and leads all of Club Soda's courses and workshops for people who want to cut down, take a break from drinking or stop for good.