Lesson series

Building A Healthy Business

Focusing on the healthy and well-being of your staff will help your business become more profitable, more resilient, and more enjoyable to work in. 

In this lesson we will show you why you should be investing in your staff and simple, proven, actionable steps to boost your businesses health.
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Benefits of our training programs

Increased Profit

Investing in the most important part of your business, your people, is a recipe to increase profit and improve resilience.

Improve Retention

Healthy, happy workplaces foster healthy, happy staff, which improves retention and reduces sick days taken. 

Practical approach

This lesson covers why investing in your staff is critical to success and then gives you practical, actionable advice on how to do it. 

Course Lessons


Meet the instructor

Tim Etherington-Judge

Tim is a life long hospitality and drinks industry professional and the founder of Healthy Hospo. He's super passionate about sleep, cycling, nature, and the Oxford Comma.
Patrick Jones - Course author