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Putting Health And Well-Being At The Heart Of Hospitality

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Innovative Training

Training is our jam. There's nothing we love more than running sessions filled with practical, actionable advice, and we've built our digital classroom to make our training available to everyone, everywhere.

Renowned Experts

We work with world class experts in fields of health and well-being, combining our decades of hospitality experience into their training for programs that are tailored for the specific needs of hospitality.

Healthier Workplaces

We support hospitality outlets around the world to build healthy workplaces that are more profitable, resilient, deliver better customer service, have great staff retention, and are much more enjoyable places to work.
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We launched an app so you can access all of our courses directly on your phone and take your health and wellbeing to a new level.
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Why Invest In Health & Wellbeing?

Good health and wellbeing can provide a significant advantage for everyone

For Professionals

If you're healthy and happy you're more likely to have a long and successful career in hospitality

Earn More

Happy customers tip more, so increase your earnings by prioritising good health

For Businesses

Happy, healthy teams are more productive, give better customer service and are more likely to stay with your business

For Customers

A happy venue gives better customer service, which is why people go out to bars and restaurants in the first place

Reduced Costs

Businesses that prioritise staff health and wellbeing have lower recruitment, turnover, and sick leave costs.
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Staff health is key to any successful hospitality business.

Hospitality is a people driven business, built around the customer experience, and the best customer experiences always begin and end with great, healthy staff.
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Training the hospitality industry to unleash its potential 

We are working toward a healthy, happy hospitality industry enabling professionals & businesses to unlock their best performance every shift. 
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Helping professionals and businesses all over the world

We work across the globe, so wherever you are, and whatever your role in this amazing industry, you can count on us to help you on your health journey.
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Memorable brand experiences and world class advocacy

We work with innovative brands to create unique and memorable events for world class advocacy that is much more impactful than just hosting yet another party.

Run A Hospitality Team?

Do you run a hospitality business or are responsible for a team? 

If you do, we can help improve the health and wellbeing of your business for increase profit, lower turnover, and a better work environment.
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A few nice things people have said about us

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Healthy Hospo has a unique insight into the needs of hospitality because, having worked in the industry, they really understand the ups and downs of life in hospitality and can genuinely support people with them. There are plenty of mental health support tools out there but HH is unique in how they tailor the advice to the reality of hospitality jobs. We have used HH for sleep, nutrition and mental health support training and the feedback has always been great. 
Sofia Gassne-Ford
Hawksmoor Group
I worked with Healthy Hospo on a concept we came up with called the Lockdown Lowdown - a series of seminars and conversations focusing on mental health. It was a hugely successful campaign, the authenticity shown by Tim is clear. He is an expert and a leader in his field, he's walked the walk and perfectly placed to talk the talk. I'm looking forward to working on many more collaborations with Healthy Hospo.
NIDAL RAMINI, Head of Brand Advocacy at Brown Forman
Working with Tim and the whole team at Healthy Hospo on our Martini Racing Ciclismo in the UK, has been amazing. Their passion and dedication to help the whole hospitality industry is unbelievable. We cannot wait to work together again on some upcoming projects.