Work with us?

When employee health suffers, your company suffers.

Unhappy, unhealthy employees affect:

Profit & Performance
Customer ratings

Who are we?

We are industry professionals with decades of experience in hospitality. We work with external experts from a wide variety of specialists fields such as nutrition, sleep, mental health, and fitness that are committed to helping us build a healthier, happier and more sustainable industry for everyone.

What we do

From our signature 'Wellness Workshops' to our retreats, training programs, weekly events, seminars, digital education, and team building exercises we have a variety of programs designed to improve the health and wellness of hospitality workers and the industry as a whole

Increase Profit

Just like professional athletes, your staff are at their most productive and profitable when they're physically and mentally operating at peak performance.

Team Building

We offer a variety of health and performance focused team building programs designed to build a strong, healthy team and a great working environment

Training Programs

Training and education is a core pillar of our work and we deliver tailored programs to educate and activate your staff to improve their health and performance

Reduced Sick Days

It's well proven that healthy, happy staff take less sick days. Incorporating a health and wellness program at work can help you reduce staff costs and emergencies caused by unexpected illness

Attract Top Staff

In the competitive world of recruiting the best staff, potential employees are looking for additional benefits in the workplace including health and wellness programs

Consumer Trends

Consumers are taking their health and wellness much more seriously with Forbes Magazine stating: 'Wellness is the new Luxury'. Nutrition based food, no & low abv drinks and health experiences are the hottest of trends


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