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At Healthy Hospo we understand that every individual and business is different.

That's why we work with hospitality focused idividuals, businesses, brands, and organisations along with renowned experts from the fields of health, nutrition, exercise, finance and beyond, to develop bespoke solutions for the specific needs of those who work in this amazing industry we call hospitality.

Training & Education

Training is our jam. There's nothing we love more than running sessions filled with practical, actionable advice, and inspirational tips to help hospitality professionals around the world thrive, both professionally and personally.

Events and Workshops

We run all sorts of events from our signature 'Wellness Workshops' to fun exercise activities. And with these strange times we all find ourselves in an increasing number of webinars, cause that's the thing we all do now.

Healthier Workplaces

And it's not just about individuals. We work with hospitality outlets around the world to help build healthy workplaces that are more profitable, resilient, deliver better customer service, and are much more enjoyable places to work.


When employee health suffers, your company suffers. Unhappy, unhealthy employees have a measurable negative impact on:

- Profit and performance

- Customer service

- Business longevity

Whether you own or run a bar, restaurant, hotel, cafe, events business or other type of hospitality outlet, we provide innovative health and wellness solutions to help increase profits, lower turnover, reduce sick leave, and build strong, highly productive teams.

Register for our Digital Training App and distribute it to your whole team, putting the industries leading health and wellness training in their hands, for just £2 per team member per month.

Digital Training App

Training and education is what we love the most. From our pioneering Digital Training App, to tailored programs to educate and activate your teams to improve their health, and your businesses performance

Increase Profit

Successful businesses are recognising that staff are at their most productive and profitable when they're healthy, both physically and mentally, so they can operate at peak performance.

1 Team 1 Dream

Behind every successful business is a brilliant team. We offer a variety of health and performance focused programs designed to build a strong, healthy team and a great working environment


To navigate these strangest of times, hospitality businesses need to demonstrate to their customers that health is their top priority. This goes beyond hand sanitiser and social distancing to the health of your staff.

Reduced Sick Days

Healthy, happy staff take fewer sick days. Incorporating a health and wellness program at work can help you reduce staff costs, customer confidence, and emergencies caused by unexpected illness

Customer Trends

People are taking their health and wellness much more seriously. Plant based food, no & low abv drinks and healthy experiences are accelerating trends, and we can help you position your business at the front of these trends


We've spent our entire careers working in hospitality, from bars and kitchens to some of the worlds biggest brands. We're perfectly placed to provide innovative, effective solutions to position your brand at the front of the most important change our industry has seen in decades.

Build Advocacy

Looking to build loyalty for your brand amongst hospitality professionals? We have proven experience in building innovative programs aimed at building advocacy and positioning brands at the front of this trend.

Unique Experiences

Want your brand experiences to stand out and lift up? From multi-day health and creativity retreats to short health-based activities, work with us to create uniquely memorable experiences for your brand.

Your Brand Team

We don't just love those that work in hospitality outlets, we love all those that work with them too. All of our training and event services are available for your teams, to maximise their health, happiness, and productivity.

I worked with healthy Hospo on a concept we came up with called the Lockdown Lowdown - a series of seminars and conversations focusing on mental health. It was a hugely successful campaign, the authenticity shown by Tim is clear. He is an expert and a leader in his field, he's walked the walk and perfectly placed to talk the talk. I'm looking forward to working on many more collaborations with Healthy Hospo".

Nidal Ramini
Head of Brand Advocacy at Brown Forman

Working with Tim and the whole team at Healthy Hospo on our Martini Racing Ciclismo in the UK, has been amazing. Their passion and dedication to help the whole hospitality industry is unbelievable. We cannot wait to work together again on some upcoming projects

Davide Zanardo
Brand Ambassador @ Martini

The Healthy Hospo Wellness Workshop was an amazing opportunity to introduce Everleaf to people in the industry that really value the importance of sustainability, wellness and thoughtful consumption. It was fantastic to see industry leaders and influencers embracing this as something that’s so important to the hospitality sector

Paul Mathew
Founder @ Everleaf

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Small Batch Learning
Brown Forman
Warners Gin
Martini Ciclismo

Hospitality professionals

You don't need to be part of a big company to use Healthy Hospo!

Helping individuals thrive within our industry is at the very heart of what we do. Become a member to get access to all of our training materials, free access to our events, and build yourself a long, successful and sustainable career.