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Hospitality professionals around the world use our digital training platform to improve their lives.

You spend a lot of time looking after other people in this business. And times have never been tougher. Long shifts, short breaks, late nights, stressful environments, and the newly added Covid anxiety mean it’s easy to get forget to look after yourself. We know, because we’ve been there too, and now we’re here for you.

We also know that it’s not always easy to deal with the physical demands and stress this industry puts on body and mind, and that’s why we took our pioneering training platform and turned it into a digital app, available 24/7 – to give you the support you deserve and the resources you need for a happier, healthier life, wherever you are in the world

Healthier, happier hospitality

Join our mission and play an active part of the most important change in our industry in decades.

Struggling with Sleep?

We've got lessons created by one of the worlds leading sleep experts to help you get a good nights sleep and supercharge your recovery

Feeling Burnt Out?

We take a wholistic approach covering sleep, mental health, nutrition, exercise, social connection, to help you feel great

Less than the price of a coffee

For just £2 a month, get access to our bespoke digital app delivering all our training into the palm of your hand, accessible 24/7, wherever you are in the world.

Exclusive discounts and offers

Get access to exclusive discounts and offers from gym memberships and super comfy pillows to health monitors and low abv beer.

Karma points

And of course, you'll earn loads of awesome karma points.

What's In The App?

Bespoke Lessons

The app is home to our bespoke lessons specifically written for the unique requirements of the hospitality industry. They cover topics from sleep and mental health to exercise and financial wealth. We're constantly adding new lessons so there's always something new to learn.


As well as our custom lessons written by health experts, we have built a library of resources, podcasts, videos, and recommended reading for those that want to dive a little bit deeper.


We ditched gold stars and pointless certificates for meaningful rewards, such as discounts and offers from our partners which are unlocked when lessons are completed.

For Your Business

Health and Wellness is good for business

According to ISSA, every £1 invested in health programs delivers £2.20 in increased profit. Healthy staff are more productive, give better customer service, generate more repeat customers, and cost your business less in sick leave and turnover

Manage Your Teams Health Training

Sign up your entire team today and unlock the financial potential of healthy, happy staff.

  • Assign lessons to your team
  • See how they're progressing through the lessons
  • Give them access to health related rewards and offers

All for less than the price of a cup of coffee a month

The Healthy Hospo Training is brilliant - it provides a great opportunity for our team members to make positive steps to look after their wellbeing by providing valuable information and easy tips about managing your own wellbeing. This is important in preventing mental health issues spiralling, so to give tools to our team to manage their wellbeing is vital for Mowgli as we want our team to feel nourished, purposeful and fulfilled.

Louisa Rodriguez
Training Manager @ Mowgli

Healthy Hospo has a unique insight into the needs of hospitality because, having worked in the industry, they really understand the ups and downs of life in hospitality and can genuinely support people with them. There are plenty of mental health support tools out there but HH is unique in how they tailor the advice to the reality of hospitality jobs. We have used HH for sleep, nutrition and mental health support training and the feedback has always been great. The sessions are engaging and clear with easy ways to follow up to make an impact in the restaurants. HH has definitely helped support a change for a healthier restaurant working environment.

Sofia Gassne-Ford
Hawksmoor Group

The skills and tools I’ve gleaned from Healthy Hospo have inspired & helped me to structure my personal life & career in a much healthier & happier way. So much so that I have been able to bring nature & adventure into my job and use my position as a platform to further spread the knowledge! I’ve never felt better.

Fabiano Latham
Brand Ambassador Reyka Vodka

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