• Start: 23/04/2018 16:30
  • End: 23/04/2018 18:30

Brushfield Street, England, United Kingdom

Let’s face it, if we’re being honest with ourselves the only people apart from your fellow bartenders who find your profession really interesting is your partner and maybe your mum.

There is more than one way to skin a cat but the drinks industry has used pretty much every tool in the book by now and left that cat well and truly skinned. There’s only so many times you can discuss washlines and brix levels.

At BarTalk: London we promise no tutored tastings, no “masterclasses” from dusty brand ambassadors and absolutely zero chat about terroir by a wealthy looking guy in a suit with one eye on the vacant spot in your speed rail. Instead, we promise to offer some extra-bar room stimulation in the form of fascinating guests including a drag queen, a botanist, a sleep expert, a chocolatier, an ultra-endurance athlete, a street artist, a nutritionist, an osteopath, an arctic explorer and much more.

First up is Reuben Kaye before he heads off to Bacardi Legacy. Google him, he’s fabulous.

See you down there.

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