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How To Survive This Winter

As our industry faces an extremely difficult winter, we've created this free course to try and help. We don't have all the answers and we're deeply worried about the industry we love, but we've put our heads together and hopefully there is some things that might help keep your business afloat. 
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Take Action

How to demand action from those with the power to help from writing to your MP to joining direct action

Cut Costs

Tips and advice on how to cut your costs, reduce your waste, improve productivity, and maximise your margins

Your Staff

Your staff are key to your success. Learn how to ensure they're performing at their best

Get Help

We've created several Whats App groups to help share information, advice, tips and keep you updated. 
Meet the instructor

Tim Etherington-Judge

Tim is a lifelong hospitality and drinks industry professional and the founder of Healthy Hospo. He's super passionate about sleep, cycling, nature, and the Oxford Comma.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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