The Problem With Hospitality

16th August, 2021 in Industry

It cannot come as a surprise to anyone that works in the industry that people have walked away in their droves and refused to return: overworked, unhealthy, underpaid and under appreciated, extremely high stress work environments, and exhausted workers in all areas of the business all contribute to sky high rates of staff turnover and incredibly low margins for operators. On paper, hospitality really is a terrible career choice.

It doesn't have to be this way tho. We have to rebuild our industry better than it was before to entice people back and keep the ones that stayed. We need to build more resilience, higher wages, lower burnout rates, better mental health, bigger margins for operators, and improved customer service.

When surveyed about what they missed the most about the Covid lockdowns, after friends and family, visiting their favourite bars and restaurants came out on top. Hospitality is vital to a thriving, enjoyable society, no matter where you are in the world, no matter what your income, religion, age, or dietary requirements.

We need to put an end to the negative cultures that have existed in hospitality for far too long. An end to the bullying celebrated by Gordon Ramsey, an end to the celebration of toxic culture, an end to 80hour+ work weeks as the norm, an end to zero hours contracts, an end to minimum wage as maximum wage, and an end to hospitality being seen as a part time job while you're waiting to start your career.

We need to start promoting health and wellness, strive for better work/life balance, a living wage for all as a minimum starting point, defined career ladders, a return of apprenticeships, zero tolerance for abuse, sexual or otherwise, in the workplace, and make hospitality a kind, rewarding, safe, and enjoyable place for staff and guests.

After all, that's the very definition of hospitality.

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