Pound the Pavements for Hospitality!

11th January, 2021 in Exercise

Pound the Pavements for Hospitality – 18th – 24th January

January is hard enough to face without a virus dominating our every move. Ever evolving guidelines and restrictions ricochet around the country like some kind of puffin pinball machine making it near enough impossible to make any fun plans other than dressing up real fancy to go shops (which is totes fun btw. Tuxedo for toilet paper win). It’s safe to say we’re probably all feeling ‘pandemic fatigue’.

One good thing we’ve been allowed to do consistently throughout this past however many months is spend time in nature. Our one glorious guilt-free government sanctioned allowance of nature-time to walk, run, cycle, kickflip or just simply be among trees and greenery (Treenery?). The benefits of nature on our mental wellbeing are widely documented. Follow my fellow nature dweeb Claire Warner @helloclairewarner for extra nature nuggets.

However, there are finite locations around our homes (especially in cities) which we can explore only so many times before becoming knackered with the same sceneries. I’m now on first name basis with all the squirrels in Victoria Park and I’ve already high-fived all the Robins in Southwark Park. The changing of the seasons help for sure but sometimes we really need some motivation to get out and keep exploring. Especially in winter.

Oh heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Reyka Runners.

Pound the Pavement for Hospitality

Soon to hit our calendars is Blue Monday… according to statistics the most miserable bastard day of the year. Where we’re proper skint, the weather is grim, and positive energy levels are at an all year low. Well balls to that for a laugh! We’ve got a week long challenge for Reyka Runners of all abilities across the nation. POUND THE PAVEMENTS is the first of 4 seasonal runs we’ve set the Reyka Runners this year. A very generous William Grant & Sons initiative known as #Standfast has offered to donate £1 for every 1km run by the top 100 runners for 1 week. On average the top 100 leader board on our Strava group runs around 2500km a week but we really want to push that to 5000km and get everyone running double so we can hit the £5000 target.

Last year on the 17th May at 11am we hosted our largest (and only…) nation-wide event of the year, The Hospo Half. A half marathon distance that industry folk could walk or run from their own doorsteps, all raising money for the Drinks Trust Charity. 130 of us managed to raise over £8,600 which was mind-bogglingly tripled by the William Grant & Sons initiative #Standfast to £26,000! Puffin hell that’s a troll load. The size of this event was unprecedented and to be honest, we couldn’t really match up to its gravitas for the rest of the year. Well move over 2020 you berk, we’ve got a ton of plans this year to keep momentum flowing all year long to keep bartenders running in nature to help mentally combat whatever is chucked our way.

Reyka Runners in Park

Pound the Pavements for Hospitality –18th – 24th January

If you’re in hospitality in the UK and would like to take part – just search for Reyka Runners on Strava and select ‘join’. We’ll send you a welcome pack in le post and if you complete the 4 runs of the year, you’ll be entered into a random prize draw to win a trip to Iceland next year! Bananas! (Bananas are a Puffin’s 2nd favourite food after sand eels…probably)

You’ve got Puffin to Lose!