Farming Saves Lives: In Conversation With Expert Gardener Eugene Nyaundi Mangerere

29th April, 2021 in Personal Stories

Eugene Nyaundi Mangerere (also know as The Rhumbishop) is a spirits consultant, chef and botanical gardener from Kenya.

Cherishing the experiences of farm-to-glass or table has always been important to him, as well as sharing with the community about this message, #farmingsaveslives and #farmingsaveshospitality.

In this interview, Eugene shares some of his expert gardening advice and inspires us to be more create with our cocktails.

What makes you love gardening?

It’s hard not to love gardening when you think or have grown around the beauty and knowledge that farming saves lives.

Having grown-up around gardening, it is always a reminder that it not only inspires one to be part of the sustainability of the earth, but also farm-to-table ensures we are all fed organic foods that benefit our health and the community around us.

What are your favourite plants to grow?
Bartenders can learn from my experiences and learn more about botanicals and grow them in posts, especially in their communities. This not only provides food but is also a sustainable model for three day-to-day ingredients for amazing cocktails.

One of Euegene's cocktails with home-grown Lavender garnish

How can bartenders bring a little gardening into their lives?

Chamomile, lavender, lemon thyme, lemon verbena, Thai basil and marigold, not only have health benefits, but make for amazing syrups, tinctures (herb concentrate) and act as a platform to play with floral notes.

Eugene's Lavender Plant Growing outside in flower bed

How can people without gardens also get stuck into gardening?

By essentially building up from my experiences. Try growing the various suggested herbs in pots over 6 hours of sunlight, organic manure and little to no pesticide control.

Euegene's orange Marigold growing in a small pot

Eugene also encourages folks to grow through his Instagram page @bishopbotanyfarm. Give him a follow for an abundance of expert-gardening tips!

Euegene's friend picks from his garden in Kenya