How yoga changed my life

12th August, 2020 in Exercise

Camille Vidal is not only committed to helping the world drink better as the founder of La Maison Wellness,she’s a committed yoga practitioner sharing her love and story with as many as she can.

I started yoga a few years ago now and my relationship with yoga keeps evolving everyday.

I was introduced to yoga by my mother. She was practicing regularly and kept saying “with the lifestyle you have, the travel, the cocktails, the long hours, the lack of sleep, the jet lag, you should really practice yoga”. I wasn’t really listening I guess, I was too busy and caught up in my life traveling around the world. But my body started sending signals; I was tired, my body was tired and I needed to find a way to balance the demands of a life spent in this industry. After ignoring it for a while I came to a realisation: I needed a better way to cope with the intensity of my lifestyle.

At first it was my sciatic that was bothering me, getting pinched and causing me pain after either long hours sitting on planes or long hours bartending. My mother showed me some postures to do to release the pain and I guess that’s when I start becoming more interested. The moral of this story could be “always listen to your mother” but deep down we probably already knew that!

So I listened to my mum and I went to my first yoga class, and I didn’t like it! It wasn’t the right place, the right type of yoga and the right teaching method for me at that moment. And that’s why I always say to people think of what you want from yoga. Are you practicing some very intense physical training and you want something more mellow to balance it? Is it to fix back pain or deal with stress & anxiety or is it simply a workout and a physical challenge?

I like to practice loads of the different types of yoga with different teachers depending on where i’m at. So don’t give up because you didn’t feel transcended by your first experience try different styles, studios and teachers.

To go back to my story, at first like many people I got into it for the physical part, the challenge, the fun, the sweat, and the hope of getting a nice butt out of it.
The practice has now become part of my life and I start hearing and understanding more the profound messages and going deeper into the layers of yogic practice.