Farm to Table Wellness

15th October, 2020 in Food

It is has been said to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. This comes to light especially as we go through this tough time, during which the whole world is struggling through the Covid-19 pandemic. So what better time it is than right now to share how, and why farm to table wellbeing is essential to not just you and your family, but to also the community.

While farming is not an easy task, at this precise moment we cannot fail to take to heart how and why it is important. Having been predisposed to not just farming, but also traditional medicine, I found the love for it through the industry of hospitality, where I have regularly shared my thoughts, and love of it, through food and drinks. It’s on this that the idea of farm to table wellness comes on the back of organic farming, which is important for people and planet.

Organic farming is as simple as intentionally, and purposely, choosing to put into practice sustainable options to farming, including shunning chemical based systems, that can be applied onto both farms and urban gardens. On my small piece of land these are some of the key pointers I use:

  • Organic manure or compost –this can be attained from the local farmers around and the fruit and vegetable wastes that you have. To facilitate the fruit peels decomposition I source earthworms to digest the material as it makes great vermicompost.
  • Organic pesticide – this is made from the fermentation of chillies, onions, garlic with drops of citrus essential oil .To every one part of it I add 3 parts of water. The pesticide can be applied once every 10 days.

If you're looking to start farming your own plants for food, I recommend that you start everything off in a nursery before transplanting them. A nursery can be anything from gunny bags to empty containers, that have been poked through to facilitate excess water to pass through, thus not drowning the roots of young plants.

Remember farming is even more fun when done with the family or community.

Here below are some of the plants growing in my garden that you too can grow and share with your community.

Lettuce, Bok Choi, Purple Cabbage

Lettuce, bok choy and purple cabbage - These essentially are water loving plants when they come out of the nursery. I found the lettuce to be a delight as it has had me snacking on salads, as well as on juices. The bok choy comes off well on stir fries that definitely are the easiest way of eating right now. While the purple cabbage is still the longest wait of any plant in my garden.

Herb growing in the garden

Delicious herbs - As regards to herbs which are easier to handle and maintain I found it a joy to grow the following sage, rosemary, marjoram, lemon thyme and 7 varieties of mint my favourite been the newest baby strawberry mint.

It's said that farming feeds the nation, but to me farming heals the nation. Definitely as it heals one should devout themselves to not only the growing of botanicals but the therapy that one draws from it, as to farm means to care for the land and future generations.