12th October, 2020

10 Ted Talks To Watch

TED Talks are some of the most inspiring, important and future thinking presentations out there and I’m sure that we’ve all watched at least 1.

Watch these 10 of our favourites and you’ll learn why you should breathe through your nose, not your mouth, the importance of riding a bicycle, why you should spend time in nature and why ‘i’m fine’ is one of the most dangerous phrases in the English language.

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7th October, 2020

Welcome To Our New Look!

Today is an exciting day for all of us at Healthy Hospo HQ with the unveiling of our new look along with the launch of our new website.

Our website has always been a platform we used to change the conversation around the health and wellness of the hospitality industry and provide a platform to help those in need, and we believe it’s never been more important than during this incredibly difficult times.

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22nd August, 2020

Choose your shoes

You probably spend the majority of your working time on your feet– standing or moving around.

Think of your feet as the foundation of the house, which is your body. So, healthy feet = solid house. Or put the other way around, if you have feet issues, those might also affect the structures above – ankles, knees, hips, lower spine!

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16th August, 2020

What gets you up in the morning?

Want to be more productive, happier, better at your job and reduce mental fatigue with just a little change to your day and with minimal effort? The answer could lie in creating a simple, repetitive morning routine to set you up for success instead of failure.

If you work in the hospitality industry, chances are the obligatory late nights and non 9-5 hours, means that ‘morning’ is a subjective term, but whatever time you get up, having a pre-determined waking routine that requires as little thought as possible to execute can supercharge the rest of your day.

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12th August, 2020

Look after your eyes

The clocks have gone forward, in the Northern hemisphere at least, the days are getting longer and summer is on its way. As we look to spend more time outside, worshipping the sun, doing sporting endeavours, or participating in the annual British tradition of sunburn, it’s important that we think about our eyes.

For as long as I knew my grandfather he was blind, a result of cataracts which came from serving for the British Army in the sunny deserts of Africa and the Middle East. No one thought about serious eye protection back then and many paid the price with blindness later in life.

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