24th December, 2021

Need A Sprinkle Of Christmas Reassurance? We Got You!

Christmas can we a challenging time for many of us. Here's some reassurance to help you throughout the Christmas period.

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8th December, 2021

3 Ways To Support A Grieving Person

Mental Health Toolbox: How to be there for an employee or colleague who is experiencing grief

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10th October, 2021

Mental Health Tool Box | Leadership

At Healthy Hospo, our job is to equipped staff with the tools they need to prevent them from getting them to a bad place in the first place. ⁠

To achieve this, hospitality leaders must priortise the health and wellbeing of their team, as well as theirselves.⁠

That's why we’ve put together a Mental Health Tool Kit to help hospitality leaders look after their team! This week we're focusing on leadership. ⁠

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23rd August, 2021

Your Worth Is Much More Than A To-Do List

Has humanity got itself to a point where we are so hyper-focused on being productive that, even when we’re supposed to be taking time-out, we cannot help but to micro-manage that too?

In this weeks article, Healthy Hospo's digital marketing manager Lydia delves into her turbulent relationship with to-do lists, the implications they can have on our health, and why we might be so hyper-focused on them.

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19th May, 2021

Alcoholism In Hospitality & How I Went From Bartender To Personal Trainer

In this weeks article, now personal trainer, Stuart Ritchie, opens up about his experiences with alcohol in hospitality. ⁠

He gives some words of wisdom to help us over-come these difficulties and how to stay healthy while working in Hospo.⁠

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