19th May, 2021

Alcoholism In Hospitality & How I Went From Bartender To Personal Trainer

In this weeks article, now personal trainer, Stuart Ritchie, opens up about his experiences with alcohol in hospitality. ⁠

He gives some words of wisdom to help us over-come these difficulties and how to stay healthy while working in Hospo.⁠

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22nd October, 2020

Help yourself - Help others

I've been feeling a bit unusual the last few days. I know it's a lot of anxiety attributed to this pandemic. I also feel as though not all of it belongs to me. I'm worried for people I don't even know and it sits in my stomach like a little ball of dread. Winters can be strange. I find in January and February that my mood can get quite low. I imagine the added dreariness of a pandemic might magnify this experience, but I know I have the right people in my corner to help me through. 'Right' being the operative word as it leads me to something I've been thinking about as I scroll through a news feed full of wonderful advice and offerings of support.

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28th August, 2020

Checking the rear view mirror

I’ve lived with severe depression for over 20 years. It has been, and always will be, a lifelong battle.

One of the problems with mental health is that you don’t always realise that you’re ill until it’s got really bad, like having a cold that you didn’t realise was there until you start bubbling snot at every breath.

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6th September, 2019

Online bullying: How To Cope With Cyber Bullies

There’s that ping. It’s happening again, in front of your family, your parents, your kids – and you feel powerless to prevent it. Online bullying is nasty, insidious, and sometimes seems inescapable.

We’re seeing an increase in cyberbullying, and it’s not just among teenagers and school kids. Over a quarter of British adults report experiencing some form of online bullying – and it can leave people feeling just as upset, isolated and confused as face-to-face intimidation or insults.

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8th February, 2018

The power of meditation

The ancient practice of meditation may seem a little outdated in our modern, high tech world, but with the non-stop pace of life and constant information overload we receive daily, it feels like it’s never been more relevant or important. There’s even an app for it.

Seen by some as just hippy mumbo jumbo that monks in robes who have nothing better to do with their days than sit around doing nothing, meditation has been undergoing a renaissance in popularity recently as more and more people sit down, slow down and exercise their mind. Think of meditation as a gym workout for the brain.

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