13th October, 2021

How We're Looking After Our Staff | Hawksmoor | Hope For Hospo

After furlough, many have felt they don’t want to return back to our industry, with job vacancies reaching the highest since records began and many outlets being unable to operate full opening hours.

These factors, partnered with hospitality being one of the poorest paid industries, has only added fuel to the fire. Some firms are recognising this and increasing pay to attract new staff. But what about those who are still recovering from the financial implications caused by the pandemic and “simply don’t have pots of money to throw at the problem” - Julia Kermode, co-founder of IWork.

So, in those circumstances what is the answer? What happens to those businesses who are struggling to attract staff? And most importantly, what can they do to retain their existing team members?

The answer, prioritising health and wellbeing.

We spoke to Madeleine Geach, Leadership Coach and Head of Culture at, The Hawksmoor Group (Healthy Hospo partner) about what Hawksmoor do to take care of their team, why this is so important to them, how they got through the struggles created by the pandemic and the plans they’re making to keep their foot on the gas towards a healthier hospitality for all.

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16th August, 2021

The Problem With Hospitality

It cannot come as a surprise to anyone that works in the industry that people have walked away in their droves and refused to return: overworked, unhealthy, underpaid and under appreciated, extremely high stress work environments, and exhausted workers in all areas of the business all contribute to sky high rates of staff turnover and incredibly low margins for operators. On paper, hospitality really is a terrible career choice.

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22nd July, 2021

3 Things You Should Hear After Opening This Week

This week marks the end of Covid restrictions in England, it may also be the beginning of untold stress and difficulties for the UK’s millions of hospitality and retail workers.

At Healthy Hospo we’ve been thinking about what we can do to help businesses and hospitality workers deal with the reopening of everything.

Here's 3 things you should hear after opening this week...

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15th April, 2021

Our Top 5 Tips for Returning to Work

We’ve begun the long journey back to some sort of functioning society; a return to our much-loved (and much-missed) bars, pubs and restaurants.

So, in a post that Buzzfeed would be proud of, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 tips to help us return to work as smoothly as possible.

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6th April, 2021

Why Health Is Key To Success

Over the past 12 months, the narrative that has dominated all of our lives has been around health thanks to the virus.

Healthy Hospo founder Tim Etherington-Judge looks at why health and wellness is going to be key for businesses as we emerge from lockdowns and work to rebuild trust with our guests, and create stronger, more resilient businesses for the future.

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