15th October, 2020

Farm to Table Wellness

It is has been said to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. This comes to light especially as we go through this tough time, during which the whole world is struggling through the Covid-19 pandemic. So what better time it is than right now to share how, and why farm to table wellbeing is essential to not just you and your family, but to also the community.

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14th October, 2019

An Apple A Day

The saying goes that you should never discuss religion and politics with people at the dinner table. I’m going to add a third topic: diet.

As someone that eats a plant based diet, (I can already hear some of you clicking away) I’ve discovered few things that are a more incendiary topic of conversation than what we choose to eat but I’m going to try and lay out a few objective facts about the state of our diet.

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9th April, 2018

Water, Water, Everywhere

We all know the old saying ‘you are what you eat’, but in reality we really are what we drink. The human body is between 50-65% water, varying dependent on age, fitness and sex and surface of our planet is 71% H20. It’d be fair to say that healthy water has a huge role to play in our own personal health.

The quality of water that we have access to varies wildly depending on which country we are in. In developed countries, tap water is a basic necessity and bottled water is considered a luxury whilst in developing countries lacking sufficient infrastructure, things are reversed with bottled water being the only access many have to safe drinking water.

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