19th May, 2021

Alcoholism In Hospitality & How I Went From Bartender To Personal Trainer

In this weeks article, now personal trainer, Stuart Ritchie, opens up about his experiences with alcohol in hospitality. ⁠

He gives some words of wisdom to help us over-come these difficulties and how to stay healthy while working in Hospo.⁠

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11th January, 2021

Pound the Pavements for Hospitality!

Oh heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Reyka Runners.

Soon to hit our calendars is Blue Monday… according to statistics the most miserable bastard day of the year. Where we’re proper skint, the weather is grim, and positive energy levels are at an all year low. Well balls to that for a laugh! We’ve got a week long challenge for Reyka Runners of all abilities across the nation: POUND THE PAVEMENTS!

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19th August, 2020

Tour de Puffin

Fabs Latham a.k.a @naturedweeb (https://www.instagram.com/nature_dweeb/) is a born & bred Londoner but was brought up going on long cycling holidays, staying in the middle of nowhere and learned quickly that nature + adventure = a happier & more nimble state of mind. He also has a pet puffin whom he takes with him while spreading the word of adventurous expeditions.

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12th August, 2020

How yoga changed my life

Camille Vidal is not only committed to helping the world drink better as the founder of La Maison Wellness,she’s a committed yoga practitioner sharing her love and story with as many as she can.

I started yoga a few years ago now and my relationship with yoga keeps evolving everyday.

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12th August, 2020

How to run

Luke Tyburski is one of the world’s leading ultra-endurance adventurers having completed numerous races including the brutal Marathon Des Sables and the Ultimate Triathlon, an extreme event of his own creation. Here he shares his tips on how to start running.

When attempting something completely new in your life, the usual advice from well wishes is something along the lines of “it all starts with taking that first step!” If you want to start running, this piece of advice is both comical, and on point!

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