22nd July, 2021

3 Things You Should Hear After Opening This Week

This week marks the end of Covid restrictions in England, it may also be the beginning of untold stress and difficulties for the UK’s millions of hospitality and retail workers.

At Healthy Hospo we’ve been thinking about what we can do to help businesses and hospitality workers deal with the reopening of everything.

Here's 3 things you should hear after opening this week...

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19th May, 2021

Alcoholism In Hospitality & How I Went From Bartender To Personal Trainer

In this weeks article, now personal trainer, Stuart Ritchie, opens up about his experiences with alcohol in hospitality. ⁠

He gives some words of wisdom to help us over-come these difficulties and how to stay healthy while working in Hospo.⁠

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13th May, 2021

Healthy Hospo Saved My Life

It was almost 5 years ago, that I attempted to take my own life in a hotel room in Athens with a bottle of bourbon and a large handful of prescription painkillers. Thankfully I made it through that night and have used it to fuel me to help build a healthier, happier hospitality industry.

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29th April, 2021

Farming Saves Lives: In Conversation With Expert Gardener Eugene Nyaundi Mangerere

Eugene Nyaundi Mangerere (also know as The Rhumbishop) is a spirits consultant, chef and botanical gardener from Kenya.

In this interview, Eugene shares some of his expert gardening advice and inspires us to be more create with our cocktails.

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21st April, 2021

How To Sleep When You Work In Hospo

Hospitality is not an ideal place to work if you’re after a good nights shut eye, so it's even more important that we all make sure we excel at it when we can get some.

Tim Etherington-Judge reveals his tips to helping you supercharge your sleep to boost your healthy, recharge your human batteries, and kick ass in life.

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