13th October, 2021

How We're Looking After Our Staff | Hawksmoor | Hope For Hospo

After furlough, many have felt they don’t want to return back to our industry, with job vacancies reaching the highest since records began and many outlets being unable to operate full opening hours.

These factors, partnered with hospitality being one of the poorest paid industries, has only added fuel to the fire. Some firms are recognising this and increasing pay to attract new staff. But what about those who are still recovering from the financial implications caused by the pandemic and “simply don’t have pots of money to throw at the problem” - Julia Kermode, co-founder of IWork.

So, in those circumstances what is the answer? What happens to those businesses who are struggling to attract staff? And most importantly, what can they do to retain their existing team members?

The answer, prioritising health and wellbeing.

We spoke to Madeleine Geach, Leadership Coach and Head of Culture at, The Hawksmoor Group (Healthy Hospo partner) about what Hawksmoor do to take care of their team, why this is so important to them, how they got through the struggles created by the pandemic and the plans they’re making to keep their foot on the gas towards a healthier hospitality for all.

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10th October, 2021

Mental Health Tool Box | Leadership

At Healthy Hospo, our job is to equipped staff with the tools they need to prevent them from getting them to a bad place in the first place. ⁠

To achieve this, hospitality leaders must priortise the health and wellbeing of their team, as well as theirselves.⁠

That's why we’ve put together a Mental Health Tool Kit to help hospitality leaders look after their team! This week we're focusing on leadership. ⁠

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17th September, 2021

Hope For Hospo | How & Why We Are Prioritising Staff Health

2020 was the toughest year for hospitality that any of us have experienced. What makes us most proud about our industry is our community. That’s why, for National Hospitality Day, we want to celebrate those who are paving the way towards a (well-deserved) healthy hospitality revolution!

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10th September, 2021

How To Have A Life-Saving Conversation

Suicide is something that has touched our lives in different ways.

Today we reflect on the people we have lost and the people who have survived, and we push to educate others on how we can prevent suicide in the future.

Here's, How To Have A Life-Saving Conversation

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23rd August, 2021

Your Worth Is Much More Than A To-Do List

Has humanity got itself to a point where we are so hyper-focused on being productive that, even when we’re supposed to be taking time-out, we cannot help but to micro-manage that too?

In this weeks article, Healthy Hospo's digital marketing manager Lydia delves into her turbulent relationship with to-do lists, the implications they can have on our health, and why we might be so hyper-focused on them.

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