22nd November, 2020

Our training, now in the palm of your hand

So we've had to rethink what we do and how best we can help the hospitality industry during their greatest moment of need.

We have taken our pioneering training platform and turned it into a digital web-app, available 24/7 – to give hospitality professionals the support they deserve, and the resources they need for a happier, healthier life, wherever they are in the world

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10th November, 2020

How I Drank Whisky and Lost 80 Pounds!!

Let me start by saying this. This article will not tell you how to drink whisky all the time and lose weight. There is no healthy way to drink alcoholic beverages and get fit.

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4th November, 2020

Here we go again

Here I am again, bashing away at my laptop, writing a post about the latest Covid related lockdown or curfew. It's all getting a bit Groundhog Day. It's hard to know where to begin this time, apart from resorting to the collective sigh that we've all done at some point this year: Fuck 2020.

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2nd November, 2020

Old Fashioned Week

The world’s No. 1 classic cocktail and the world’s top-selling super-premium bourbon are coming together this fall for the annual Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned Week.

The pandemic has put significant strains on the hospitality industry, and Woodford Reserve has partnered with London-based HealthyHospo, which focuses on helping bartenders, restaurant employees and hospitality professionals lead a healthier and happier life.

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22nd October, 2020

Help yourself - Help others

I've been feeling a bit unusual the last few days. I know it's a lot of anxiety attributed to this pandemic. I also feel as though not all of it belongs to me. I'm worried for people I don't even know and it sits in my stomach like a little ball of dread. Winters can be strange. I find in January and February that my mood can get quite low. I imagine the added dreariness of a pandemic might magnify this experience, but I know I have the right people in my corner to help me through. 'Right' being the operative word as it leads me to something I've been thinking about as I scroll through a news feed full of wonderful advice and offerings of support.

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