21st April, 2021

How To Sleep When You Work In Hospo

Hospitality is not an ideal place to work if you’re after a good nights shut eye, so it's even more important that we all make sure we excel at it when we can get some.

Tim Etherington-Judge reveals his tips to helping you supercharge your sleep to boost your healthy, recharge your human batteries, and kick ass in life.

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15th April, 2021

Our Top 5 Tips for Returning to Work

We’ve begun the long journey back to some sort of functioning society; a return to our much-loved (and much-missed) bars, pubs and restaurants.

So, in a post that Buzzfeed would be proud of, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 tips to help us return to work as smoothly as possible.

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6th April, 2021

Why Health Is Key To Success

Over the past 12 months, the narrative that has dominated all of our lives has been around health thanks to the virus.

Healthy Hospo founder Tim Etherington-Judge looks at why health and wellness is going to be key for businesses as we emerge from lockdowns and work to rebuild trust with our guests, and create stronger, more resilient businesses for the future.

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11th January, 2021

Pound the Pavements for Hospitality!

Oh heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Reyka Runners.

Soon to hit our calendars is Blue Monday… according to statistics the most miserable bastard day of the year. Where we’re proper skint, the weather is grim, and positive energy levels are at an all year low. Well balls to that for a laugh! We’ve got a week long challenge for Reyka Runners of all abilities across the nation: POUND THE PAVEMENTS!

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4th January, 2021

Things Can Only Get Better!

We made it. The year that never was is over, and we’re onto a new one.

Things may still seem bleak right now. The virus has mutated into a more virulent form, lockdowns are back around the world, and our industry, after a summer of hope, is once again closed. As Thomas Fuller said, all the way back in 1650: ‘It is always darkest just before the day dawn(eth)’

It’s going to take some time, but slowly, step by step, things will improve, and I truly believe that 2021 will be one of the most transformational years in living memory.

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