The Benevolent launches the mental health campaign #NotAlone

I have been an ambassador for the UK drinks industry charity: The Benevolent for 6 months now and I am delighted to see their amazing recognition of mental health illness and commitment to supporting those working in the industry.

If you haven’t heard of The Benevolent, are based in the UK and work in or with the drinks industry, then you must head over to their website and make yourself aware of the incredible level of support they offer. Even if you worked in the industry 20 years ago, they will still help.

During my research for my talk on depression at the first Healthy Hospo Wellness Workshop, I came across some frightening numbers of the explosion in mental health illness. If recent studies are correct and current rates of growth continue, then for those who are currently under 30, 1 in every 2 will suffer from some form of mental health illness during their lifetime.

Here’s what The Benevolent have to say:

Mental health is a crucial topic. The Benevolent, the Drinks Industry Charity, has decided to be part of a social movement aimed at changing the perception of mental health difficulties and advocating for a stigma-free conversation.

Thus The Benevolent is pleased to officially launch the charity’s new mental health awareness campaign #NotAlone. #NotAlone aims to encourage members of the Trade to speak freely about mental health issues within the workplace, creating a stigma-free environment, reminding both employers and employees that The Benevolent is here with professionals at hand who can help you. The campaign is available here: http://www.thebenevolent.org.uk/helping-you/mental-health/notalone-campaign/

 To complement the launch of the campaign, The Benevolent has commissioned a survey addressed to the current members of the UK drinks industry aimed at outlining current mental health difficulties experienced by members of the UK drinks industry and discovering existing HR policies or practices to support employees with mental health difficulties. The research is run by Wine Intelligence and is available via this link: http://surveys.wineintelligence.com/survey/selfserve/19b7/171205

The Benevolent team is urging members of the Trade to engage and answer the questionnaire and to forward the link of the survey to their colleagues, employees, and friends within the Trade.

Tom Yusef, Chairman of The Benevolent, commented: “I am incredibly proud of The Benevolent’s achievements, and the wonderful work done to help colleagues who are facing difficult circumstances, whatever they might be. Upon appointment as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, I have committed to do my utmost in the interest of those whose benefit we strive to serve. This is still my priority and I am looking forward to another new year of success, working with the excellent team at The Benevolent and the newly appointed CEO Chris Porter.”

Chris Porter, Chief Executive of The Benevolent said: “I cannot imagine what it must be like to be living with depression, severe stress and anxiety and having nowhere to go or no one to talk to. Mental health issues are not restricted to the class, race, gender, sexual or religious orientation – it can affect anyone at any time in their lives and our Trade is no exception. I am very proud that we are announcing this campaign today, to help those that are impacted by this and for them to know that they are not alone. We are Here to Help. The campaign spearheads our existing work as we begin this New Year, which will see The Benevolent offering an even greater level of support to those in our industry who are currently suffering real hardship and difficulty in their lives. I would like to thank the Trade, especially our Corporate Partners, Ambassadors and fundraisers for all their fantastic and ongoing support”.

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