F*ck Dry January

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By Charles Roche & Eleanor Holcroft- Liquid Intellect

Many bartenders cry out ‘F*ck dry January’ every time an order is taken for anything non-alcoholic throughout January. In our industry of mixing drinks and balancing liquids, we should marvel in the challenge of creating something fantastic with no alcohol. The amazing thing about alcohol is that it has a distinct flavour of its own and also an incredible extraction property so infusions come out tasting clean and intense!

With non-alcoholics we have to get a little bit more creative and work hard to create the same level of flavour as it’s alcoholic equivalent.

We at Liquid Intellect have teamed up with Healthy Hospo for January to create some interesting & very tasty non-alcoholic options to trick the brain into thinking you’re knocking back a banging cocktail. In order for us to create these drinks, we have again taken inspiration from looking further into the kitchen for some more savoury flavours.
First up, we are using Seedlip to create a fresh, green sour style cocktail using green pea and pine-nuts which can be easily replicated at home.

‘Pea & Pine-nut’
Drink specification;
30ml olive oil washed Seedlip Garden 108
10ml green pea & pine-nut syrup
5ml agave nectar
15 drops malic acid solution
3 drops citric acid solution
20ml aquafaba

To make the green pea and pine-nut syrup we blended 120grams of roasted pine-nuts, 500grams of green peas and 1litre of water together. We then put this all through the centrifuge to remove any of the solids and it was then made into a 2:1 syrup with simple sugar. If you don’t have access to a centrifuge at home… (let’s face it, who does?!) then a simple superbag should work perfectly fine!

Shaken dry, then shaken wet after to achieve correct aeration and double strained into a coupette. Then it’s simply finished with a few droplets of olive oil.
This drink is a simplistic serve that can be replicated at home with a simple oven (for roasting the pine nuts) and dropper bottles (for acid solutions)

Our next drink uses a few more complex techniques but shows how non-alcoholic cocktails can still be boundary pushing.


Drink specification;
50ml ‘LI’ Non-Alcoholic ‘Gin’
20ml ‘stripped’ white wine
7 Drop’s magic acid
60ml wheatgrass tonic

We began with creating the base for our ‘Gin’ by distilling an array of botanicals including juniper, juniper branch and eucalyptus into water using the rotavap. The ‘Gin’ is then paired with white wine which has gone through vacuum distillation in order to strip out any alcohol content. We then blended fresh wheatgrass into our own tonic and used the centrifuge in order to achieve absolute clarity. We blended the ingredients together and force carbonated the whole drink to achieve that finished ‘G&T’ feel.
This cocktail does require some specialist equipment however it is designed to be light & fresh with the perception of alcohol content. The drink should then be served straight from the bottle over a column of ice with a wheatgrass garnish.

Full preparations for these cocktails can be found on our database with the following login details;

URL: base.liquidintellect.co.uk
Username: healthyhospo
Password: healthyhealthy

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