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Frazer McGlinchey PhD. is the man behind Happy Sense/Tox/Yogisocials who likes to Make Happy and Talk Sense. He’s a seasoned veteran of silly season and shares a few wise words on how to get through December and the festive season intact


As we’re deep into the idiocy which December invariably brings, I thought a short piece may be of use.

In Edinburgh, bars are open later (as with the Festivals), so industry staff may feel literally, and metaphorically surrounded by darkness.

Be you in sunnier climes, the workload, and calibre of the customer may still be similar, though, so a few universal truths; some tongue-in-cheek, but all written with love.

Look after yourself 

Not just not now, but all year.

That said, particularly for the next few weeks- Vitamin D, supplements, rest and moderate exercise will help your health and mood enormously.

Soup is your friend, and porridge is for bosses.

Drink hot water with lemon when you get up, stay hydrated, meditate or take time to get your head straight.

Look after each other

So many people are in the same boat. remember that- don’t assume that everybody else’s day is easier than yours.

If somebody is having a hard time (or getting a hard time from a customer) support them the same way you’d want them to support you, and you’ll be golden.

You’re part of an amazing community, so act like it.

Take a break

Introduce short breaks where possible- if it’s 4 deep at the bar or midway through a constant rotation of Christmas hatted diners that may not be the time, obviously.

However, instigate breaks for all, and if the smokers choose a sly tab in that break time all to the good.

Recharge and recalibrate- your breath can help enormously.

Breathe out the shift when you’re about to leave, and leave work where it belongs.

Be Michelle Obama

When they go low, aim high.

Whether it’s an office night out once a year up-the-town warrior or a corporate type mistaking the limit on his business credit card for an excuse to behave appallingly, you’ve got this.

As tempting as it may be to advocate that the once-a-year champ fuck off back to their local where they can get 6 pints for that much, or telling the city boy that you don’t come to his work and knock dicks out of his mouth so you expect some courtesy at your workplace, it’s not worth it (probably).

Stay classy to reflect yourself, and your workplace better, and to feel better about yourself, even in the face of extreme provocation.

This Too Shall Pass

If the first person you serve is an absolute chief, it’s down to you whether that ruins your day.

If the last order is as pissed as a wizard, apparently has Tourettes and a chronic personality bypass you don’t need to take that home, or out with pals after work.

They don’t belong to you.

Acknowledge your frustration or anger, then let that shit go.

At the most hectic part of the day or the middle of the month when you feel exhausted, remember it’ll all be over soon, and an anecdote for another day.

Have Fun

Be it gallows humour, or actual japes, it will make life an awful lot easier.

How you approach anything has a huge impact, so try and enjoy it where you can, and embrace the absurdity around you.

Last of all

Remember that 365 you are alchemists, magicians, counsellors, and catalysts for love and wonder.

May The Road Rise Up To Meet You Champions x


To help you sleep at strange hours, or indeed at any time, try this before bed


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