The Power of Meditation


The ancient practice of meditation may seem a little outdated in our modern, high tech world, but with the non-stop pace of life and constant information overload we receive daily, it feels like it’s never been more relevant or important. There’s even an app for it.

Seen by some as just hippy mumbo-jumbo that monks in robes who have nothing better to do with their days than sit around doing nothing, meditation has been undergoing a renaissance in popularity recently as more and more people sit down, slow down and exercise their mind. Think of meditation as a gym workout for the brain.

Recent scientific studies have discovered the staggering effects of meditation on the body. The guys over at AsapScience have done some of the hard work for us and have created a great 3-minute video explaining what the science has discovered. Watch it below and then we’ll go into how to build meditation into your everyday life.

At first meditation can seem daunting, intimidating even. We spend our days trying to do as much possible, so the idea of taking time to focus on doing absolutely nothing can feel unnatural and counter intuitive. It’s easy to say ‘Sit down and slow the mind’, but it’s quite another thing to actually do it.

Modern technology has come to the aid. There are a number of apps available that can help make meditation part of your daily routine.

  • Headpace is the most well known meditation app out there. If you’re new to meditation, then this is the app for you. It’s simple guided meditations, voiced by co-founder Andy Puddicombe and 10 session starter pack are the perfect way to get started
  • Sattva features guided meditations, chants, music and even a number of challenges to keep your motivation high and your practice regular. There’s even a virtual lounge and group meditation events with experienced guides

Not everyone is going to get into meditation and it may not be for you, but for those that do try it and make it part of their daily routine it can help relieve stress, anxiety, depression whilst making you more creative, intelligent, empathetic and improve memory. Why not give it a shot, you’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain.


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