Liquid Intellect 2

F*ck Dry January

By Charles Roche & Eleanor Holcroft- Liquid Intellect Many bartenders cry out ‘F*ck dry January’ every time an order is taken for anything non-alcoholic throughout January. In our industry of mixing drinks and balancing liquids, we should marvel in the challenge of creating something fantastic with no alcohol. The amazing thing about alcohol is that […]



The Benevolent launches the mental health campaign #NotAlone I have been an ambassador for the UK drinks industry charity: The Benevolent for 6 months now and I am delighted to see their amazing recognition of mental health illness and commitment to supporting those working in the industry. If you haven’t heard of The Benevolent, are based […]


Shopping For Shoes

Ellie Petkova is a movement specialist and fitness expert and in the first of a series of articles delving into the health of our feet, she takes a look at shoes and how we should be choosing the right shoes for spending hours on our feet. Today, there is a lot of talk about sitting as the new smoking, […]



Almost hard to believe that we’re already done with one month of 2018. #DryJanuary aka #Veganuary is over. Time to put abstinence back in its box for a while and kick things into top gear. In the name of this ridiculous trend of hashtag branding all months, as well as the ones in January we […]