Liquid Intellect 2

F*ck Dry January

By Charles Roche & Eleanor Holcroft- Liquid Intellect Many bartenders cry out ‘F*ck dry January’ every time an order is taken for anything non-alcoholic throughout January. In our industry of mixing drinks and balancing liquids, we should marvel in the challenge of creating something fantastic with no alcohol. The amazing thing about alcohol is that […]

Pauliina Kyro


Pauliina Marjanen is part of a new generation of international brand ambassador. Young, talented, digitally fluent and not afraid to shatter the false veneer of social media and talk to us about her struggles and her commitment to #NoBadDays The short story of how I can guarantee I will never have a bad day again. […]

Happy Sense

Festive Season Survival Kit

Frazer McGlinchey PhD. is the man behind Happy Sense/Tox/Yogisocials who likes to Make Happy and Talk Sense. He’s a seasoned veteran of silly season and shares a few wise words on how to get through December and the festive season intact   As we’re deep into the idiocy which December invariably brings, I thought a short piece […]


Ask A Nutritionist

Libby Limon is a professional nutritionist who works extensively with the hospitality industry. We asked our audience for questions they’d like to ask her and here are her responses: What are the smallest changes someone can make that have a huge impact? Eat balanced healthy meals that contain protein, carbohydrate, fibre and healthy fats in […]



The Benevolent launches the mental health campaign #NotAlone I have been an ambassador for the UK drinks industry charity: The Benevolent for 6 months now and I am delighted to see their amazing recognition of mental health illness and commitment to supporting those working in the industry. If you haven’t heard of The Benevolent, are based […]


An Apple A Day

The saying goes that you should never discuss religion and politics with people at the dinner table. I’m going to add a third topic: diet. As someone that eats a plant-based diet, (I can already hear some of you clicking away) I’ve discovered few things that are a more incendiary topic of conversation than what […]


Back (Un)Breaking Work – Part 1

It’s rare to find someone in the hospitality industry that doesn’t, or hasn’t suffered from back pain. In this 2 part series, ballet dancer and Pilates instructor Kirsten McCarron and personal trainer Dan Fisher have a look at what are the causes of back pain and provide some simple exercises to help strengthen your back and get rid of […]


10 Ways I Beat Depression

10 months ago, I was re-diagnosed with Severe Unipolar Depression. It’s been an intensely difficult time of my life but with the help of family, friends and trained professionals I’m on track to getting back to leading a normal life and I wanted to share with you 10 of the most important lessons and tools […]


Checking The Rear View Mirror

Healthy Hospo founder Tim Etherington-Judge talks about his struggles with depression and how he recognises the tell-tale signs of the storm clouds gathering I’ve lived with severe depression for over 20 years. It has been, and always will be, a lifelong battle. One of the problems with mental health is that you don’t always realise […]