The Biggest Loser

It is amazing thinking that one day I was a smart ass 17-year-old working behind a bar in New Zealand and now I’m 32 and working as an On-Premise Sales Manager for Bacardi Martini Australia. My role sees me in bars until the wee small hours although cleanups now consist of expense reports and trying […]


Looking after your eyes

The clocks have gone forward, in the Northern hemisphere at least, the days are getting longer and summer is on its way. As we look to spend more time outside, worshipping the sun, doing sporting endeavours, or participating in the annual British tradition of sunburn, it’s important that we think about our eyes. For as […]


8 Books Worth Your Money

I love books. I love to read them, I love to learn from them, I love to gift them, and I love to recommend ones that I get something from. I sometimes get asked for book recommendations, so I thought I’d put together a list of a few books that have made a huge impact […]